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Purchased at: Cost Plus/World Market
Price: $1.99 (yields two servings)
According to the package… Dark chocolate and caramel with subtle notes of sea salt to bring all flavors together

This isn’t your typical hot chocolate. It puts Swiss Miss to shame.

I love dark chocolate and salted caramel, so when I saw this at the store, I grabbed it without hesitation. I’m not a big hot chocolate fan, but this seemed like a winner. And it is.

This is adult hot chocolate (not THAT kind of adult, you sickos), for sure. It’s made with a dark, rich cocoa powder and isn’t overly sweet. You can smell the chocolate from across the room and it smells awesome. The caramel and sea salt aren’t as in your face as the dark chocolate, but they’re both definitely there. The package advertises them as being “subtle” and they definitely are. But this stuff is good. It’s rich. It’s creamy (and I made it with water. I can only imagine what it would be like if I used milk). It tastes like something that you would get at a fancy coffeehouse or restaurant, but it’s from a little store I found in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, I only bought one packet. And I want more.

I could totally see serving this as a dessert. It’s that rich and decadent.