Review: Das Lollipops – Man Bait (Maple Bacon Flavor)

June 28, 2010

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Purchased at: Doc Sweet’s
Price $.59
According to the website: Bacon lovers unite-finally, you can have your dessert that also conains your favorite food group- Bacon! This maple and bacon lolli is a fiercely delicious combination of real smoky bacon bits and delicious maple syrup giving all at once savory and sweet sensation. Mmm- Bacon!

Last weekend I made my way to Doc Sweet’s, which is supposed to be the biggest candy store in Michigan. I was hoping to find some chocolate covered bacon or something similar, because I’ve never seen it before and it’s one of those things that I really want to try. Either I missed it or they didn’t have it, but I did manage to find the only bacon candy in the entire store. The Das Lollipop “Man Bait” maple bacon flavored lollipop was both horrifying and interesting. My mother and best friend were not interested in this at all, they were ONLY horrified.

Alright, so the lollipop has both smoke and maple flavors in it. And it’s studded with REAL BACON BITS. I know. I unwrapped it and stared at it in trepidation for a few minutes before finally working up the courage to try it. This is the first bacon flavored candy I’ve ever had – before this, bacon had only been served in two ways: next to a stack of pancakes or mixed into some salad that’s served at a picnic.

So how is it? Surprisingly awesome.

The maple is what hits you first, and then you get the smoke, and then the salty, bacony aftertaste. And, of course, the bacon bits. The bacon bits were the best part, and I was totally not expecting them until I unwrapped the sucker. The taste is awesome. I don’t really know what to say other than that. It tastes EXACTLY like everyone’s favorite part of a big Sunday breakfast – that moment where you dip your bacon in the maple syrup that’s left over from your pancakes/waffles. I didn’t think I would get such a natural maple OR bacon flavor from this sucker, but Das Foods really managed to pull it off. I love this thing. I’m just disappointed that I only bought one.

The only downside, in my opinion, is the fact that the actual sucker itself is the color of bacon grease, which is kind of offputting. But the taste surely makes up for it.



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