Review: Vitamin Water Connect

June 9, 2010

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Purchased at: CVS
Price: $1.00 (on sale)

This Vitamin Water is a black cherry and lime flavor. Not only are those two of my favorite fruits (and fruit flavors), but Dan Ellis once Tweeted about how much he liked it. Yeah, all it took to get me to buy this was an unpaid endorsement posted on Twitter by a hockey player whose team I don’t follow. I’m easy.

This stuff smells really great when you open the bottle – light and fruity, with a definite cherry aroma. I’m not really picking up any lime, though. I wasn’t expecting the cherry to smell so strong, but it’s okay.

The cherry smell is so noticeable because this is probably about 99% cherry flavored and only 1% lime, if that. I didn’t smell any lime, and I certainly didn’t taste any, either. Like all other Vitamin Water flavors, this also tastes pretty watered down – imagine what a watered down bottle of Nyquil would taste like, and this is what you’d get.



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