Review: Pretzel M&Ms

June 8, 2010

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Purchased at: Target
Price: $.67

I’ve been on a mission to find these things since I first read about them a month or so ago, and I finally stumbled upon them at Target this afternoon. I was in the checkout lane and was just getting ready to pay for my stuff when the little blue bag caught my eye and I grabbed it as fast as I possibly could. The cashier gave me a weird look, and I just shrugged and said “I love chocolate covered pretzels.”

I could barely wait to tear into these things. I’m not a huge fan of sweets (I like them, but if I’m given the choice between something sweet or something salty, 99% of the time I will choose the salty), so the idea of M&Ms with pretzels inside of them really appeals to me.

These M&Ms are pretty big – about the size of the peanut M&Ms. And I might be crazy here, but I did think that the candy coating on the outside was thinner than it usually is. And there isn’t a ton of chocolate either. The pretzels have a nice crunch and aren’t overly salty, and the texture/flavor of the pretzels really works well with the chocolate and the candy coating. Texturally, they remind me of the crispy M&Ms (which I loved) that were out a few years ago.

These M&Ms are also a lot healthier than most items you’d grab from the candy display at the checkout line at a grocery store. One package only has 150 calories and 5 grams of fat, which isn’t too bad for a mid-afternoon sugar craving. I will definitely be buying these again if I can manage to find them anywhere else.



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