Review: Mountain Dew Typhoon

May 18, 2010

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Purchased at: Walgreen’s
Price: $1.49 (+ $.10 deposit)
According to the bottle… DEW with a punch of tropical flavors

I’m not a big Mountain Dew fan. I don’t hate it, but if I want a soda, nine times out of ten I’m going to choose Coke (or Pepsi. I don’t have a preference). However, I do fall prey to gimmicks/new flavors/etc., so I had to pick up a bottle of this. As you all know by now, Mountain Dew is running their DEWMocracy campaign again. The Typhoon flavor sounded like the most appealing of the three flavors (the other two are lime and citrus, neither of which really do anything for me. Isn’t Mountain Dew already citrusy?). Plus, the bright pink color reminded me of one of my favorite crayons as a child – Crayola’s “shocking pink.”

One of the reasons I’m not a huge Mountain Dew fan is the carbonation. It’s not bubbly enough for me. This is the case with the new Typhoon flavor as well.
I like the flavor of this soda, though. The first flavor I really get is pineapple, which just so happens to be my favorite fruit, so I’m really digging it. I can’t really tell what other flavors are in this soda – orange, maybe? Cherry? I’m not really sure. It’s definitely fruity tasting, but the pineapple is the most dominant. It’s good. It’s refreshing. It fed my caffeine addiction. It it great? No.

It’s a good summery soda, but I can’t imagine drinking it often. But that’s how I feel about all Mountain Dew products.



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